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If I were a newbie coder getting into object-oriented programming, I would most definitely learn Kotlin instead of Java. Hell, if you’re a Java coder you should jump ship NOW! Kotlin is a newish beautiful statically typed programming language for modern multi-platform applications. It’s 100% interoperable with Java. For more information visit

Good Fellow Rut

I often talk about and even teach the importance of having a f*ck you position in every situation as a self-care safety-valve type of mindset. To get to the position requires someone crossing “situational” predetermined FU Line. Even with my proven track record of “assholeness”, I often come across as a good & nice fellow. All my life I’ve drifted into shitty situations I had no business in, to my very own detriment, just because of being good-natured guy. For

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Gadget Wizardry

Gadgets have made our children seem like wizards! Youngsters, nowadays, can work magic with computers, phones, tablets and whatnot – often leaving gleeful parents wondering if their toddler is the next Zuckerberg! But unbeknown to some parents, the gadget wizardry is turning our children into know-nothing ADHD-robots ready to be monetized with endless stream of click-bait ads to drive them to their next rabbit hole. Technology has helped us solve complex problems (complexity) but it’s also used to abstracted complicated

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Your Boss is a Psychopath

If you poll your friends – most, if not all, will swear their boss is stupid self-centered-egocentric-asshole and THEY can most definitely run the department or even the company better. But your unemployed friends will serve it to you straight-up cold – “your boss is stupid and you know it, quit or call her out like I did!”   If you’re of the “boss” variety you might start wondering if you’re also viewed like your peers by your very own

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America & Immigrants

The genius of America has been its ability to attract immigrants of diverse backgrounds to American shores to chase their dreams and in essence help make America what it is today. Apple is as American as Apple Pie, but people forget that it was founded by a son of a Syrian immigrant. In fact, forty (40) percent of Fortune 500 companies were founded by immigrants or their children. Pick any startup company working on new ideas and you’ll find an

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