America & Immigrants

The genius of America has been its ability to attract immigrants of diverse backgrounds to American shores to chase their dreams and in essence help make America what it is today.

Apple is as American as Apple Pie, but people forget that it was founded by a son of a Syrian immigrant. In fact, forty (40) percent of Fortune 500 companies were founded by immigrants or their children. Pick any startup company working on new ideas and you’ll find an immigrant toiling to make a breakthrough.

To say I’m perturbed by what is going on now is an understatement. It is beyond party politics. Show me someone who truly supports recent immigration actions of blanket ban including banning permanent residence and people with dual citizenship and I’ll show you an idiot who doesn’t have a passport, 6+ generation removed from immigration, doesn’t read and sadly won’t even pass citizenship test taken by immigrants to become naturalized citizens. And perhaps still thinks cotton, timber, coal and other industries of the past is the future and will save America.

I’m all for sovereignty and countries controlling their borders, but use of religious and nationalist mythology to support a blanket ban is simply put stupid and very unAmerican.

That said, with the current climate of politics and globalization flattening the world – incentives to immigrate or even stay here is ever diminishing with the next generations of entrepreneurs.

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