Your Boss is a Psychopath

If you poll your friends – most, if not all, will swear their boss is stupid self-centered-egocentric-asshole and THEY can most definitely run the department or even the company better. But your unemployed friends will serve it to you straight-up cold – “your boss is stupid and you know it, quit or call her out like I did!”
If you’re of the “boss” variety you might start wondering if you’re also viewed like your peers by your very own underlings! And with a little insecurity you might start leading with a heavy dose of “psychopathiness”.
As counterintuitive as that might sound, there is some truth to the link of the psychopathic tendencies and management leadership especially when it comes to founders.
Think about it – It’s a dog-eat-dog out there! To advance up the ranks within most companies, you’ll have to know how to charm and kiss asses upwards and at the same time sly your coworkers a.k.a competitors by backstabbing them or stepping on their throats, neck is not enough these days. Those, my friends, are basic given talents of a psychopath – it comes naturally to them and so they naturally climb up the ladder. Add grandiosity and you have a CEO material who can charm wall street to the delight of shareholders and vexation of employees.
These assholes surely do procreate and raise more assholes and down spiral we go! We’re all left to wonder if the world is getting more and more psychopathic – you know – no empathy and weak stuff like that! Heavens forbid that one might become a president someday!
You see – your parents were surely told “nice guys finish last” and taught you to be tough as a cookie and that it’s ok to hit that bully back right on the mouth! Now as a parent yourself, you might start wondering if you should buy a book on how to raise a straight-up psychopath. To the surprise of many this is possible via exclusive schools where kids of above mentioned assholes are trained to continue the legacy.
The notion of a direct correlation between psychopathic tendencies and leadership was made popular a few years ago by a book called “Psychopath Test” by Ron Ronson and before that by “Snakes in Suits: When Psychopaths Go to Work”. Both good reads for those in business and leadership, it will surely tingle your psychopathic nerves! Once done gift them both to your boss, but hurry before the unemployment benefits becomes a thing of the past!
Happy psychopath free weekend friends!

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