Good Fellow Rut

I often talk about and even teach the importance of having a f*ck you position in every situation as a self-care safety-valve type of mindset. To get to the position requires someone crossing “situational” predetermined FU Line.

Even with my proven track record of “assholeness”, I often come across as a good & nice fellow. All my life I’ve drifted into shitty situations I had no business in, to my very own detriment, just because of being good-natured guy.

For the last couple of years I’ve been trying to retire from the business of being so accommodating. This has led some to think I’ve “changed” – to which I say personal growth comes with age, albeit it came a little slow for me.

I found this article very relatable to my struggles in some ways and figured it might help someone else get out of the rut of self-sacrifice.

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